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Billing & Subscription

What is a renewable energy credit (REC)?

A renewable energy credit, or sometimes called a renewable energy certificate, is a certificate corresponding to the environmental attributes of energy produced from renewable sources such as wind or solar.

What is an alternative energy certificate (AEC)?

An alternative energy certificate (AEC) is a certificate corresponding to the environmental attributes of energy produced from clean sources such as nuclear and hydro-electric generation.

How do I receive credit for the RECs and/or AECs that are part of my subscription?

Entergy Arkansas will retire the RECs and/or AECs corresponding to your subscription on your behalf. You will receive documentation noting the retirement of those RECs and/or AECs.

I have multiple accounts with Entergy Arkansas, but I do not want to subscribe them all to Go ZERO. Can I subscribe only some of my accounts?

Yes, Go ZERO is subscribed on an account-by-account basis. You may enroll as few or as many eligible accounts as desired.

Can I cancel my subscription to Go ZERO at any time?

The initial term of the Agreement under all Go ZERO options is for one (1) year and automatically will be extended thereafter for successive periods of one (1) year until terminated by written notice given by one party to the other not more than six (6) months nor less than two (2) months prior to the expiration of the initial Agreement Term or any anniversary thereof.

If I move from my current address does my subscription go with me or will I have to reapply?

If you move from your current address, you can keep your subscription if: 

  1. You are relocating within the Entergy Arkansas service area; and
  2. You are starting service at your new location on an eligible rate schedule at the time of discontinuing the original service

How will my Go ZERO subscription be reflected on my bill?

Go ZERO will be shown as an individual charge on your bill.

What are the billing options for Option 1?

Option 1A REC Rate: A per 1,000 kWh charge based on the price of voluntary RECs using the Texas Solar REC Index ($0.004745 x Monthly Subscription Output).

Option 1B Monthly Subscription Rate (“MSR”): Go ZERO Monthly Subscription Rate x Subscription Capacity

Option 1C Forward Looking Marginal Price Rate (“FLMPR”): a per kWh charge based on the forward locational marginal price of solar resources during on peak hours for the EAL load zone for the upcoming year, as of December 1 of the preceding year. 

If my energy usage changes, will my subscription amounts for Option 1 (REC option) and/or Option 2 (AEC option) automatically change?

Under Option 1, subscriptions are in kW blocks and those blocks will not change month to month; however, your billed amount is based on the output of the renewable facilities which will change month to month.  

Under Option 2, subscriptions are based on a percentage of a customer’s load that it enrolls in Go ZERO. The percentage will not change month to month; however, the billed amount based on total kWh for  your load share will change month to month.

Are residential customers eligible to participate in Go ZERO?

No, only non-residential customers are eligible to participate in Go ZERO.

How is my maximum subscription size determined for Options 1 and 2?

Under Option 1, your maximum subscription size is determined by taking 100% of the average of your previous 12 months of energy consumption data. Under Option 2, your subscription is based on the percentage of your load you subscribe to Go ZERO. You can subscribe up to 100% of your load ratio share.

Where can I find the tariff for Entergy Arkansas’ Go ZERO, Rate Schedule No. 70?

For non-residential customers, please visit the link to Entergy Arkansas Commercial and Industrial Rate and Rider Schedules: https://www.entergy-arkansas.com/your_business/business_tariffs/.