Choose your clean option


Sustainability products

Entergy Arkansas’ sustainability products provide options for customers to benefit from more sustainable sources of energy. We give our customers the power to match their electricity usage with clean and renewable energy generated from resources in Arkansas. 

We believe in partnering with our customers in sustainability efforts, ensuring that our planet is here long after we are gone.

Green Promise

Our Green Promise to customers and the planet to delivery sustainable energy.

Easy Being Green

No need to install solar panels, no separate bills or accounts; we want to make the choice of sustainability an easy one for you.


Explore multiple options to meet your sustainability needs and receive emissions reporting.

Suite of Sustainable Options 

Three new options available for non-residential customers:

  • Option 1 Asset-Backed Renewable Energy Credits (REC)
  • Option 2 Asset-Backed ZERO-Emission Alternative Energy Certificates (AEC)
  • Option 3 Time-Match Reporting