Green Promise

Green Promise is a voluntary tariff that provides you, the customer, with the opportunity to access renewable resources.

As a subscriber to the tariff, you will pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for a variable credit based on the output of the renewable resource.

You will also receive the renewable energy credits associated with your energy use. These renewable energy credits will be retired by Entergy Arkansas on your behalf.


Why Green Promise?

By participating in Green Promise you will help reach your clean energy goals and have the opportunity to receive credits to your bill.


No Upfront Costs
You pay a fixed price per kilowatt each month of $6.01 to $6.25.

Bill Credit
You will receive a bill credit in relation to the output of the facilities. This credit has the potential to increase each year you participate.


Better for the Environment
While supporting clean energy, you can subscribe up to 90% of your energy usage  and receive Renewable Energy Credits.


How do I sign up for Green Promise?

Sign up in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose your term plan. Green Promise offers business and residential customers a one-year plan and a ten-year plan. Each plan has different benefits based on what works best for you and your budget.

2. Select a kilowatt amount. As an Entergy Arkansas customer, you are eligible to subscribe to up to 90% of your annual kilowatt-hour in the Green Promise offering. That means if you have a 3-bedroom house that uses, on average, 13,000 kilowatt-hours per year, you can subscribe to up to 4.8 kilowatts with Green Promise. View our pre-organized plans here.

3. Click to subscribe. Select your kW amount plan or an amount you want to subscribe to, and provide basic information to get your subscription in Green Promise going.

Have a question?

Call us at 1-800-Entergy. You can also send us an email.